Experienced, ASE–Certified Mechanics

Since Bryden Thrasher opened his Phoenix shop nearly two decades ago, the mission of Bryden's Auto Service Inc has been to serve our customers with the highest levels of honesty and integrity in repairing their vehicles. Before starting his own business, Bryden saw firsthand how places he worked at didn’t want to take care of customers and didn’t really care about auto repairs in Phoenix. With his own shop, Bryden is able to make sure every customer’s car is repaired right the first time, and ensure that each customer is treated with respect.

Bryden’s experience helps him to help others. With sound advice and guidance, our customers are able to make good decisions about their cars. And that’s empowering! When customers are going through hard times with their vehicles, either because of a breakdown or an accident, we work hard to get them back on the road fast and safely–so they can get on with their lives.

From the Owner, Bryden Thrasher

When I was a teenager, some auto enthusiasts moved into my neighborhood who owned hot rods and race cars. They intrigued me–I wanted to see what these exotic cars were all about! I helped them out with their cars as often as I could, and even went to the drag strip with one of my neighbors. Well, it was all over after that. I got into drag racing and haven’t looked back. In 1981, I moved to Arizona to go to tech school and become an automotive technician. Opening my own shop 19 years later was the culmination of years of hard work and an unwavering love for cars. To succeed in the auto repair industry, I believe a person has to have a lot of passion for cars and for the people who drive them. I’ve had that passion since I was young, and it is even stronger today.

Auto Repair in Phoenix

Meet Our Team

Bryden Thrasher, Owner/Technician – Bryden Thrasher is an ASE–certified Master Technician with more than 30 years of experience. He graduated from Tech School in 1981, where he learned about gas and diesel engines, transmissions, computers, and more–basically all there is to learn about a vehicle. Bryden continues to take training classes in all areas of automotive maintenance and repair to stay up on developing technology in the field.

Keith Thrasher, Service Writer/Technician – As Service Writer, Keith talks to our customers about their maintenance and repair needs so they understand the work that’s being performed on their vehicles–and ultimately leave our shop happy and satisfied. He also orders our parts, sets appointments, and as a technician, he repairs cars and trucks as well. In all these matters, Keith treats each of our customers and colleagues with great respect and candor.