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Expert Emissions Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Vehicles are a major contributor to ground level air pollution. In a large city like Phoenix, it’s especially important to counter the effects of dangerous automotive pollutants to help maintain air quality. To do this, the state of Arizona has implemented an emissions program with the goal of monitoring and reducing the amounts of volatile compounds cars and trucks produce. Specifically, all residents of the greater Phoenix area and those who regularly commute into Phoenix for work or school are required to have their 1967 or newer vehicles pass an emissions test. At Bryden’s Auto Service, we handle emissions repairs for Phoenix drivers to ensure the vehicles we service pass the Phoenix emissions test with flying colors.

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality/Voluntary Vehicle Repair(VVR) Program

Didn't Pass emmissions test? Find out here what the Arizon Department of Environmental Quality can do for you with its Voluntary Vehcile Repair program.

Passing an Emissions Test in Phoenix

In Phoenix, vehicles that are model year 1967 and newer and more than five years old require emissions testing for registration and reregistration. This includes gas and diesel-fueled vehicles, as well as alternative fuel, flexible fuel (E85), and hybrid vehicles. Newer vehicles are exempt for the first five years of registration, and, after that, you’ll need to have an emissions test every one or two years, depending on your vehicle’s year and weight. If you live in Phoenix, you must have your vehicle tested in the Phoenix area, but you may use any emissions inspection station. If your vehicle fails to pass an emissions inspection, you’ll need emissions repairs and a retest before you may register your vehicle.

Handling Phoenix Emissions Repairs

When you fail a Phoenix emissions test, you may be worried the emissions repairs you need to fix the issue are going to be expensive. Honestly, sometimes they are, and sometimes they’re not. (You may just need an oil change, which is maintenance you need to take care of anyway.)

From simplest to more serious, here are some common types of emissions repairs:

  • Replacing the gas cap – A missing, loose, or cracked gas cap can cause your Evaporative Emission Control System (EVAP) to malfunction.
  • New vacuum hose – A leaking vacuum hose allows fuel vapors to be released into the air and can cause you to fail your emissions test.
  • O2 sensor or mass air flow sensor replacement – A bad O2 sensor can cause your vehicle to burn too much gas and increase the hazardous fumes within your car’s exhaust.
  • Catalytic converter replacement – A bad catalytic converter will cause your vehicle to fail an emissions test.
  • Fuel injection unit repairs – When your computer aided fuel injection unit fails, the air-to-fuel ration in the engine can become imbalanced, often causing your car to run rough and fail emissions testing.
  • Fixing internal engine leaks – One leak in your fuel pump or other part of your engine can cause your vehicle to fail an emissions test.
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Save up to $550 on emission-related repairs

The Voluntary Vehicle Repair(VVR) Program can help car owners offset the cost of having to repair their vehicle to pass the emissions repair test. To read more about the program and see if you qualify click here.

We are an approved shop by the ADEQ to
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We are an approved shop by the AZDEQ to service your vehicle under the VVR program.